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Grant Application for Local School’s Music Program

Hope Reigns Foundation Music Program Grant Application Guidelines

The mission of Hope Reigns Foundation is to harness the passion and excitement that the Ontario Reign’s dedicated fans have for the Reign and channel that to enhance the health, education, and recreational opportunities for youth and families within the Inland Empire.

The Hope Reigns Foundation will provide five (5) $1000 grants to CMEA southeastern section schools in the Inland Empire. The purpose of the grant will be to jump-start new or existing music programs to integrate music education, and the values they bring to the common core education system.


-Music programs for economically disadvantaged youth and schools are implemented or sustained

-Common core standards and values are taught through creative, artistic expression

-Programs encourage self-esteem and free expression for all participants


The Hope Reigns Foundation will award music program grants only to music instruction programs that are part of K-12 public schools in the Inland Empire, CA or surrounding areas. To qualify as an eligible music instruction program, students, of any age, must be learning how to make music, and must meet the following guidelines:

-CMEA Southeastern section member

-Music program, either established or new, must be offered during the regular school day

-School must serve a minimum of 60% economically disadvantaged students

-Individuals who wish to participate in the music program cannot be denied based on their musical abilities

-School must dedicate a teacher, or teachers, committed to the success of the music program

-Each program participant must receive music instruction on a regular basis throughout the school year in which the grant is awarded

-School must be available for a site visit if chosen as a beneficiary of the grant


-Funding Amounts: Grants will be for $1000 each, are made on a one-time basis, are non-renewable (must re-submit application), and are non-transferable

-Geographic Focus: Schools located within the Inland Empire, CA will have the highest priority in the application review process.

-Use of funds: The school must ensure that 100% of grant funds received from the Hope Reigns Foundation are used for the exclusive benefit of youth, to enhance music-learning opportunities. The Hope Reigns Foundation will not support: Administrative salaries, training events, or other staff costs. Sponsorships, fundraisers or other events. Recreational outings or trips. Activities not relating to the access of musical instruments or sheet music


Please have the following documents readily available when completing the application for the Hope Reigns Foundation Music Program Grant:

-Cover letter (on official school letterhead)

-Names and titles of designated instructors for music program

-Description of program’s current budget (if applicable)

-Scanned copy of your school’s most recent W9 form

-School/ program’s logo in a PNG or AI/vector format (no background)

Deadlines:             October 31, 2017