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31 Days of Prizes

Everyday for the month of March, one lucky All-In Member will win one of these great prizes! See below for our winenrs so far:

March 1st- Tina Muto-Wong: Cal Petersen game-worn jersey

March 2nd- Larry Rivera: post game meet and greet

March 3rd- Susan Bideshi: 2 VIP Kings tickets

March 4th- Tim Krajcir: $100 VGHC gift card

March 5th- Al Avelar: lunch with the president, Darren Abbott

March 6th- Jedidiah Kelley: limo ride from Executive Transportation Services

March 7th- Andrew Decker: a night in the Hangar 24 Deck

March 8th- Scott Pate: a birthday party at a Reign game

March 9th- Paolo Longoni: Justin Auger game-worn jersey

March 10th- Michelle Welz: event suite at a Reign game

March 11th- Dean Collisson: $100 Team LA gift card

March 12th- Rick Gruen: Jamie Devane game-worn jersey

March 13th- John and Barbara Vega: ceremonial puck drop with Brett Sutter

March 14th- Erin Parker- Michael Mersch game-worn jersey

March 15th- Hyslop Family: color commentators for a game with Cameron Close

March 16th- Eric Weber: 2 VIP Kings tickets

March 17th- Robert Nickle: Mount Baldy ski passes

March 18th- Rhonda Garness: Bud Light Lounge for a night

March 19th- Dom Dileva: TJ Hensick game-worn jersey

March 20th- Wayne Carls: personalized parking spot

March 21st- Karen Vanoudheusden: announce the starting lineup with Dave Joseph

March 22nd- Marsha Bales: $100 Team LA gift card

March 23rd- Barbara Jaurequi: team signed stick

March 24th- Daniel Hinks: Kurtis MacDermid game-worn jersey

March 25th- Lisa Sloan: 4 VIP Kings tickets

March 26th- Kevin Bishop: Ice Box for a game

March 27th- Gretchen (Shelley) Miller- President's suite for a box

March 28th- Rod MacDonald: 2 VIP Kings tickets

March 29th- Jerry Rivera: Brett Sutter game-worn jersey

March 30th- Marc Johnson: Paul LaDue jersey

March 31st- Kevin Bender: free season seats for 19-20 season