Toyota Sports Center Ice Crew Photo resize.jpgThe Ontario Reign Ice Crew is a high-energy, promotional, and interactive team for the Ontario Reign Ice Hockey Club of the AHL, and primary affiliate of the LA Kings. The Ontario Reign Ice Crew is a physical extension of the Ontario Reign franchise. The group serves as fun, but highly-professional brand ambassadors for the organization at games and at events throughout the community.

The Ontario Reign Ice Crew helps with picking fans during game for dance contests, delivering prizes for lucky sections, and much more! The Ontario Reign Ice Crew helps create a memorable in-game experience for fans anytime they’re our guests.

The Ice Crew’s role extends beyond just home games. The Ice Crew will attend charity events, watch parties, and help in grass roots marketing. Duties will also include to help raise money for non-profits and help sell the Kids Club Pack. Part street team, part ice maintenance, part energy team, part promo models/brand ambassadors, and part-super fans is what makes up our Ice Crew!

How much availability does being a Reign Ice Crew Member require?

Ontario Reign Ice Crew members will need to have a flexible schedule (particularly on evenings and weekends) that allows for 95% availability for home games, team practices and rehearsals, as well as 75% availability for the various outside appearances. Not all Ontario Reign Ice Crew members work every game or appearance. Scheduling is on a rotating basis. Plan for 12-20 hours per week on average.

What is the pay rate for being an Ontario Reign Ice Crew member?

Ontario Reign Ice Crew members are paid $11.50 hourly for each game (for approximately 5-6 hours); an appearance rate of $46 (up to 4 hours), and $11.50 hourly for additional work beyond the above.

What is the call time for games?

The Ontario Reign Ice Crew call time is approximately 2.5-3 hours prior to game time. For example: if the game begins at 7:00pm, the Ontario Reign Ice Crew must be at Citizens Business Bank Arena, hair and makeup done, and ready to work at or before 4:30pm.

What does the Ontario Ice Crew do?

The ONTARIO REIGN Ice Crew is a co-ed interactive group that represents the ONTARIO REIGN organization at games, events and throughout the community. The role is quite literally that of a brand ambassador/promo model type position and is also part promotional street team, part sort-of-cheerleader (without the actual cheer-leading/dancing), and part super fan! They are primarily responsible for making sure our fans have the best experience possible anywhere we go! At games, the team assists with on-ice and in-arena activities, contests, and promotions (t-shirt tosses, ticket upgrades, prize giveaways, raffles, etc.), and is also the group responsible for skating on the ice to remove build-up during media timeouts. The team also represents the ONTARIO REIGN organization at literally hundreds of events and appearances throughout the community, with particular emphasis on grassroots mobile marketing, fan development, and community/non-profit events.

Do I need to know how to skate?

NO!! Applicants need not be professionally trained skaters (hockey, figure, etc.), and all skating levels from zero to expert are accepted at auditions. But, one of the many functions of the ONTARIO REIGN Ice Crew at games is to remove snow build-up from the ice surface, so a comfortable level of skating ability is definitely a plus but not required. Please note: ONTARIO REIGN Ice Crew members are required to wear hockey skates. So, those accustomed to wearing figure skates are strongly encouraged to practice adjusting to hockey skates before the audition date. Not all Ice Crew members skate, but we encourage you to learn if you make the team.

I'm a guy...isn't this job just for girls?

Absolutely not! The team is co-ed (guys and girls) – about 1/2 guys and 1/2 girls. Our guys perform most all of the same duties as our girls (some skate, on-ice & in arena contests, outside appearances, etc.)

Is being an Ontario Reign Ice Crew Member a full-time job?

No. Most ONTARIO REIGN Ice Crew members attend college and/or have other part-time jobs. However, being a member of the ONTARIO REIGN Ice Crew will require a flexible schedule as well as a commitment to being available for ALL home games, various practices & events, and 75% of outside appearances. Call time for games is approximately 2.5 hours prior to game time (not all members work every game). ONTARIO REIGN Ice Crew members should plan for 12-24 hours of work per week on average.

What are the age requirements to audition?

You must be at least 18+ years of age by June 23, 2017. Furthermore, you must also be a high school graduate (or equivalent) to be eligible to audition.

What are the judges looking for in an Ice Crew Member?

First and foremost, Ice Crew members are our brand ambassadors, so they all need to represent our team and our organization in the most positive and professional way possible. The judges are looking for all of the following: outgoing personality; good energy; positive attitude; strong teamwork skills; high level of physical fitness; professionalism; poise; strong communication abilities; strong work ethic; reliability; approachability; talent, and much more.

Are there any height, weight, or appearance requirements?

There are no specific limits on height and/or weight to be a member of the ONTARIO REIGN Ice Crew. However, the girls’ uniforms/costumes are tight and form-fitting (many midriff-baring); thus, applicants are expected to have a lean, toned figure, and be in top physical condition throughout the year. Guys are also expected to be in good physical condition as the job requires a high- level of physical activity. Neither girls, nor guys may have any visible tattoos while in uniform (if you can fully cover tattoos with makeup you may still be considered); and, facial piercings/jewelry while in uniform are not allowed (if piercings can be removed while in uniform you may still be considered).

What should I wear to Auditions?

(GIRLS): You should wear a two-piece outfit consisting of: solid black dance/yoga/jazz style pants or leggings, and a midriff- baring sports bra-style/dance style top. You will need to be able to safety pin your audition ID# onto the front of your pants. Please also bring athletic-style footwear. You should bring a jacket or sweater while waiting off-ice, but no jackets or sweaters may be worn during the audition.


(GUYS): You should wear athletic-style shorts or warm-up pants, a t-shirt/sleeveless t-shirt, and athletic footwear.


How should I wear my makeup and hair?

Makeup should be glamorous, stylish and “stage ready” in shades that complement your natural beauty. You should look like you’re going out to perform on stage, not going out to the movies on a random Wednesday! Hair should be styled performance-ready in a current hairstyle that complements your features and doesn’t hide your face. Girls should wear their hair styled and down (no pony tails). No hats for guys or girls during the audition. Guys should be clean-shaven and/or “groomed” facial hair. Think “on stage/ camera”!

What do I need to bring to the auditions?

-A current Drivers License, state-issued ID card, or valid passport
-Completed application/waivers (download from www.ONTARIO
-5x7 or larger photo/headshot/comp card (does not need to be a professional photo – these will NOT be returned) Current resume
-Hockey skates (if you do not own skates, loaners will be provided)
-Water, drinks, and snacks (drinks must be in bottles with tops that seal shut)
-Personal items you may need (makeup, brush, etc.)

Can I bring friends and family to watch the auditions?

No, auditions will be closed to public viewing. If you plan to carpool to the audition venues with others that are auditioning as well then please have a plan in case one person advances to additional rounds and the other(s) do not. You will not be able to stay inside the audition areas and/or venues to wait for a friend.

What happens at auditions? How soon is the team chosen?

DAY 1: 1-2 hours of skating assessment & on-ice drills & games followed by group interviews. *Rounds of cuts are made throughout the day at various times.


DAY 2: (ALL callbacks only from Day 1) 1-2 hours of improvisational challenges and exercises followed by a hockey/Kings knowledge assessment, physical fitness cardio and circuit training challenge, then a final round of group interviews. Finalists are selected after those interviews. *Rounds of cuts are made throughout the day at various times.


Finalists participate in individually scheduled, one-on-one business interviews with Ontario Reign Management following the on- ice portion. Those selected for the 2017-2018 Ontario Reign Ice Crew will be notified on or before Tuesday June 30, 2017.

How many people are chosen for the team?

The team will remain the same size to the 2016-2017 season...approximately 6-8 females and 6-8 males.

What should I do to prepare for auditions?

-RSVP by visiting 
-Complete Application and Waiver that will be sent with the RSVP confirmation email. Please bring completed application and waiver to audition registration.
-Practice skating in hockey skates with particular emphasis on: stopping and starting, graceful/smooth/comfortable form, controlled turns, and balance (Ice Crew team members will need to use large snow shovels, buckets, carry props, etc.). Contact your local rink if you think lessons might benefit you.
-Have a current fitness/cardio/weight training plan in place to maintain good physical fitness, and be prepared to share that with the judges.
-Study your ONTARIO REIGN and general hockey knowledge, with particular emphasis on the rules of the game, and the ONTARIO REIGN team/organization and current ONTARIO REIGN/AHL/LA KINGS/NHL news.

Do I have to RSVP Online?

Applicants will be assigned ID numbers on a first-come, first-served basis. Those ID numbers will dictate the order in which applicants are assessed during the audition process (and, therefore, the wait time associated with such). Applicants that RSVP in advance (and receive an e-mail confirmation), will be assigned a number in the order in which their RSVP was received. *In the event that we reach maximum capacity for the audition, ONLY those who have submitted an RSVP online will be admitted to the audition (no walk-ups).

What happens if I don't submit an online preliminary RSVP?

Not using the online RSVP system will not adversely affect how you are assessed during the auditions. However, waiting to register for the first time on the day of auditions will result in a higher ID number, and, thus, a longer wait time. We strongly encourage use of the online RSVP form. *In the event that we reach maximum capacity for the audition, ONLY those who have submitted an RSVP online will be admitted to the audition; thus, no walk-ups will be accepted.

Are Ontario Reign Ice Crew Members Paid?

Yes. This is a fun, part-time job, and ONTARIO REIGN Ice Crew members are paid an hourly rate for all games, events, and appearances worked. The rate is on par with other teams and jobs of this nature.

Does the Ice Crew travel with the team?

No. ONTARIO REIGN Ice Crew members only work home games and events in the greater. From time-to-time, additional travel- related opportunities do come up.

Do Ice Crew Members get to meet/hang out with the team/players?

Absolutely not. As with most all other professional promotional teams of this nature across the various leagues (NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB) there are very strict rules and regulations prohibiting fraternization with the team, players, coaches, officials, and front-office personnel. There is a zero tolerance policy in place here with the ONTARIO REIGN.