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How do payments work for Reign Reserve?

The first payment will due upon signing up for a Reign Reserve subscription plan. The remaining 7 monthly payments will be automatic on the first of each month using the credit card on file. Consecutive payments are taken during the Reign hockey season (October - April), with 8 payments total for the 2021-22 season. 

How Many Games Can I Go To with Reign Reserve?

Reign Reserve subscribers can attend as many games as you'd like throughout the season. The reservation program allows flexible booking through your account, and at your convenience. You can reserve early to guarantee the best seats, or reserve close to game time for last minute gametime fun!

Can I transfer my tickets?

Reign Resereve tickets are not transferrable. If you have tickets to a game and are unable to attend, once the game passes, you are able to reserve a new game. 

How can others attend games if I have a Reign Reserve subscription?

Upon signing up for a Reign Reserve subscription, you will have an option to add users to your account. At this time, you can add as many users as youd like, but each must have a separate email. 

If accounts are created together, each member of the account has access to reserve tickets on behalf of everyone on the account.

Ex: If a couple is signing up for Reign Reserve together, they can create two subscriptions under the same account, and both will have access to making reservations on behalf of one another. 

If two friends are both signing up for Reign Reserve, they can create individual accounts, and manage their own reservations separately. If they'd like to attend games together, once tickets are selected, there will be a "share link" option within your account that can be shared with friends who are also Reign Reserve subscribers.

How will I receive my tickets?

Once you select which games you'd like to attend, tickets will be sent to the email on your account 48 hours prior to the game. Tickets will be scanned from your mobile device upon entry. 

Can I use my subscription for two people since there are two reservation slots?

No. Reign Resereve subscriptions are one ticket per person, and each subscription can reserve up to two games at a time. 

It its recommended that each person creates their own account, and utilizes the "share link" option for seating grouped together and/or nearby. 

When Can I Start Using my Reign Reserve Subscription?

Games will become available in September. Reign Reserve subscribers will have priority access before individual tickets go on sale, and a notification email will be sent out at that time. More information to come! 

Do I have to subscribe every year?

No, your Reign Reserve subscription continues each season without having to renew or any action on your part. There will be a notification email sent 30 days before the first payment of the following season. 

What is the Difference of Reign Reserve and ALL-IN Member?

Reign Reserve subscribers have the flexibility to pick games to attend from available seating options using the mobile reservation system.  

All- In Members are guaranteed the same seat location for every Reign home game and have exclusive All-In Member events and benefits.  

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